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It is worth making dreams come true.

One of them waited many years, but the idea seemed interesting much earlier. I had my first coffee as a teenage boy at my mother’s friend’s house.

She roasted coffee and sunflower seeds in her house. I don’t know how she roasted the coffee and the sunflower seeds,

but apart from the coal stove and the pan, I couldn’t see anything else.

That’s how I remember it.

Since then, my adventure with coffee has started. I planned to start a coffee roasters about 25 years ago.

I visited a company that offered a secondhand machine to do so. It was a huge coffee roasting line with large silos and so I gave up. 

It’s for someone who wanted to roast coffee on an industrial scale.

And the price was staggering and so the dream has stopped.


A coffee machine broke at home.

The first victim of the Covid pandemic in my home was a coffee machine – ha ha.

Due to the lockdown, whenever it was possible to go out and buy take-out coffee, I took this opportunity right away.

The cafe I used to go to, turned out to have its own coffee roaster, I remembered about unrealised plans from many years ago.

I quickly googled the coffee roaster manufacturers and started talking.

After 17 months, many sacrifices and difficulties that I encountered along the way, I roasted my first coffee, and it was right before Christmas.

This is how it started.

Now I spend every free moment, apart from painting, exploring the topic of coffee, methods of roasting and brewing it.

I have a long way to go before I deepen my coffee knowledge.

There is a place for you in this adventure.

So I invite you to get to know each other and share opinions that will allow me to create better

and better coffee for everyone who wants to drink it at least once.

Sometimes they ask me what it means – La Mattina.

I always think of coffee in the morning, this is La Mattina – simply – Morning

And, why the name in Italian? That’s a separate story, another dream that I haven’t realized yet.

Oh, I forgot, this is only half the coffee dream.

For the second half, I hope to write soon.